Skye Cannabis is a personal care line of products for men and women that utilizes cannabis in its ingredients and is not intended for edible consumption. For this assignment, we were given freedom to customize the marketing and function of the product line. The chief parameters were that it includes cannabis, has the given name, is a personal care product, and is not orally consumable.
My Role  Concept, Packaging, Typography
Tools  Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects

Patches, lotion bar, lip balm + lotion

What function might cannabis have in this product? Why include it? It needs to have a purpose, otherwise it’s a gratuitous inclusion with less market viability. Furthermore, there are some negative associations with cannabis that at minimum include expectations of an unrefined product, in quality and appearance.

Research pointed to use of CBD (cannabidiol), which can be used topically to relieve a variety of ills without any of the psychoactive effects of the more commonly recognized intoxicant THC. In this case, topical products with CBD can be very helpful for arthritis and sore muscles. Complementary helpful ingredients were included as well, such as arnica, mint and rosemary. I chose a calming, garden-themed palette and avoided using any stereotypical images of cannabis leaves.

Patches, lotion bar, lip balm + lotion

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